Cytronex E-Bike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal
Power Options: 250w
Drive Options: Front Wheel Hub
Kit Weight: 8.8 lbs (4 kg)
Installation Rating: Medium

Cytronex has been described as the gold standard in e-bicycle conversion kits and is both designed and manufactured in Britain. Even our lithium-ion battery packs are made at our base in Hampshire. By contrast, there are a very large number of other kits which are incorrectly described as manufactured in the UK, Europe or USA when in fact they are just a set of low-quality, poorly designed parts from the Far East, badged by the importer. Cytronex C1 is very different to other retrofit kits because it is the first truly consumer-friendly electric bike conversion kit where no specialist knowledge or tools are required to fit, and the result is a road-legal electric bicycle which provides unrivalled lightweight, ride quality and efficiency.


There are a few good ways to camouflage your e-bike conversion and this kit does just that. with the small front-wheel hub-drive, waterbottle battery and simple “boost button” on the handlebars, this kit keeps things minimal and sleek making it perfect for road bikes as it really doesn’t take up that much room. Sure, it is a little pricy for the power that is on offer, but it’s worth it to make your e-bike blend in and less prone to theft. You can even buy e-bikes from their site already made for you.


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