Smartfit E-bike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal
Power Options: 250w
Drive Options: Front Wheel Hub
Kit Weight: 8.8 lbs (4 kg)
Installation Rating: Medium

It’s not always easy to pedal uphill, so the e-bike motor is a fantastic invention. If you’re feeling tired or finding it difficult work while cycling, you can just use your pedalling power around the flat ground around while the electrically powered motor helps you up any hills. You’ll enjoy longer days of riding and don’t even notice you’re getting tired at all! This brushless little speed demon is fully legal in the UK and provides up to 250W of power without drawing too much attention – no need for cranks of gears when pedals will do just fine! Motorising your bike is the ultimate upgrade! This powerful electric hub offers clean electric energy at its best. The front-mounted pedal-assist system takes off some of the work to make it easier for you to cycle up hills or over long distances.


The main feature of this e-bike conversion kit has to be the “flask” style battery. One of the biggest issues with e-bike theft has to be that you can easily see if the battery of an e-bike is attached or not (making it worth stealing in the first place), but this conversion kit hides that issue and dare we say makes it look a lot more stylish as well. While there is some wire work to hide and sort out it should be pretty easy for most people to install, it’s just a matter of hiding the wires and making the installation look good.


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