Classic/City Style E-Bikes

What is a Classic/City Style E-Bike?

Often the lines between this style of e-bike and a normal mountain e-bike are a little blurry, the bike’s overall classic style often stands out. While they are not as retro in style as the original first bicycle invented by German Inventor Karl von Drais in 1817 they often match the style of the 1900s and later when the style of bikes never really changed until the 1970’s when more varieties in design were made. Some e-bikes like the Ruffian stand out like a sore thumb and bring an instant smile to the face.

Who Are Classic/City Style E-Bikes For?

Some people have fond memories of vintage-style bikes and that is why they buy this kind of e-bike, but as a general rule they are for the city commuters, those going to and from work mostly on road/tarmac surfaces as they more often than not have back-racks or front baskets for carrying items like work bags.

Who Are Classic/City Style E-Bikes Not For?

While they can look rough and track-ready they are often only suitable for road riding and have little to no suspension. They are also lower rides than a normal mountain e-bike so might not be for taller riders. This kind of e-bike really is best off being road tested before you buy one just to see if you like the seating and riding style they offer.

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