UK E-Bikes Laws and Regulations

Here is a brief and simple to follow guide to what laws there are around e-bikes here in the UK. All these rules and regulations MUST BE FOLLOWED and can be read in more detail here:

You must be at least 14 years and over to ride an e-bike

The maximum power you are allowed on UK streets and public cycle paths is 250W with a top speed of no more than 15.5 MPH

As long as those things mentioned above are followed and in place EAPCs ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’(e-bikes to you and me) are classed as a normal pedal bikes and can be ridden on cycle paths and anywhere else other pedal bikes are allowed.

What is not allowed is a throttle, or the ability for the bike to be propelled without pedalling (a ‘twist and go’ EAPC) via any other method other than pedalling.

It is NOT a legal requirement to wear a cycling helmet while riding an E-bike, but we always advise you dress according to the activity you are doing with your e-bike. Hard trials should be done with a helmet and other safety equipment like knee and elbelow protection. While road riding should be done in bright, easy-to-see clothing with the appropriate lights in relation to the lighting you are riding in.

If you have any questions about UK law do get in touch with us via the contact page, or our social media channels.