Mountain/Trail E-Bikes

What is a Mountain/Trail E-Bike?

While there are slight differences between mountain e-bikes and trail e-bikes they are mostly in the same category of off-road e-bikes with hard tail or soft tail (with rear suspension) variants. These are the toughest of all the different kinds of e-bikes and they are designed to smooth out the bumps and take those hard crashes. Almost 80% of cycles sold around the world are mountain bikes and 90% of e-bikes are the same.

It is worth noting that once upon a time there were women’s mountain bikes and men’s mountain bikes, but these days they are called high and low frame varieties.

Who Are Mountain/Trail E-Bikes For?

While the simple answer is that this is the e-bike for those who want to have fun, there is so much more one of these e-bikes can do. They are also perfect for long rides, long commutes to work and maybe even replacing your car, but they are also perfect for those who on the weekends want to go full-send down the local gravel tracks.

The negatives of this kind of bike are that they are often heavy and not suitable for taking onto public transport. They are also much taller than other kinds of e-bikes making them feel a little scary for some people. But for most people, this is the best kind of e-bike to go for.

Who Are Mountain/Trail E-Bikes Not For?

This kind of e-bike needs quite a lot of storage room and more often than not you are not going to fit them into most cars other than larger people carriers and estate cars (without a bike rack anyway). If you are shorter and indeed smaller in fame you might want to think about getting a smaller, folding e-bike or something similar as bigger mountain bikes can often be a little to heavy and indeed overpowering for some people.

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