TAOCI Magnesium Alloy E-Mountain Bike


Category: E-MTB
Tyres: 26.0″ 2.10″ Light-Tread Road Tyres Front and Back
Power Delivery: Pedal Assistance, Thumb Throttle
Motor Power: 350W
Motor Position: Real-Wheel Hub Motor

Having Magnesium Alloy sounds like a good thing and indeed the wheels do look amazing, but it also means the wheels are more easily prone to damage meaning the road commute will be pretty much all this e-bike is capable of and while it does have front suspension this is not an e-bike you should be taking off-road. But as a road-commute bike it ticks a lot of good boxes and isn’t too overpowered for most people to handle. Used the right way this could be a great bike to own, but it needs to be handled with kid-gloves.

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The most stand-out feature of this e-mountain bike as to be the aluminium magnesium wheels which are made from a single mould for strength and rigidity. While many e-MTB’s are quite heavy this e-bike is made to feel much lighter thanks to its 3 spoke wheels, but still has big power to get you up those hills and along those straights. Despite its low price, this is still an e-bike that offers a lot, especially when it comes to features.

Additional information

Total Weight:

47.84 lbs (21.7 kg)

Max Range:

50 – 62 Miles

Battery Type:

36V 12.5AH removable battery

Brake Type:

Disc Brakes (Front and Back)

Colour Options:

Black Only


Shimano 21-speed transmission system


Front Forks Only (With lockout)

100% Charging Time:

4-6 hours

Suitable Rider Height:

4ft 8in – 6ft 4in



There is only really one type of rider this e-bike is aimed at and that is the daily commuter. With its lightweight frame, long battery life and thin-tread road tyres this bike is designed to eat the road and keep going. While it could handle a light-gravel track this e-bike is NOT suitable for riding off-road, but is designed to make that ride to work as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Its low price also makes it perfect for those not wanting to break the bank.


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