Check out the new ASYNC H7: All-in-One Hybrid E-bike

Check out the new ASYNC H7: All-in-One Hybrid E-bike

July 15, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

Coming to a crowdfunding platform near you is the crazy looking ASYNC H7: All-in-One Hybrid E-bike. This ebike was originally a Designbook concept, but it is now going to be crowdfunded thanks to a few small changes to the original design.

So what do we know about this futuristic looking ebike? Well, it will have a choice of 4 designs that look as follows…

Check out the new ASYNC H7: All-in-One Hybrid E-bike

It will also have two motor capacity options…

  • 500W (pedal assist top speed 28mph or 45km/h)
  • 250W (pedal assist top speed 16mph or 25km/h)

and the following features…

App enabled & anti-theft: H7 has an intelligent riding system, equipped with features including Find My Bike & Vehicle Alarm, Cycling Data & Record, Digital Key & Auto Unlock, etc.

Light and durable: Made with carbon fiber material, the lightest bike frame & handlebar with strength and durability provides you with a reliable plush ride.

Strong motor for speed and power: With a 500W motor, H7 can reach a max speed of 45km/h, allowing you to cruise over any terrain and glide over roads or trails with ease.

Suspension & tires for versatile usage: With H7’s advanced suspension and tire technology, you can ride on asphalt, gravel, dirt, mud, and other road conditions with confidence and ease.

Sleek appearance & design: H7 team has carefully designed the motor and battery to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics, center distribution, and large motor capacity.

Smooth riding experience: Thanks to a finely tuned mid drive motor and carbon fiber vibration damping quality, riding the H7 feels light, smooth, and intuitive.

Removable high-capacity battery: H7’s 960Wh battery allows you to ride up to 160km.

While there is no news on the final price or release date for the crowdfunding, I will add it to this page as soon as we hear anything.