e-Bike Tyres

The type of tyres you need will depend on the type of surfaces you will be riding on as well as the hardness of which you will be riding on that said surface. On this page we list the main types of tyres found on most e-bikes and the reasons why you might pick that type over the others.

e-Bike Tyre: Road/Racer


Much like its namesake when it comes to e-bike frame types this is for racers/aka road bikes. These thin tyres are designed for speed, control and the smallest amount of rolling resistance possible. What you shouldn’t be doing with these types of tyres if riding over gravel at speed, but slow/short distances over dusty light gravel should still be OK.

e-Bike Tyre: Mountain


There are many different styles and types of this tire like “commuter”, or “Gravel”, all of which again depends on the riding style you will be doing. Smaller, light treads like “commuter” or “Gravel” are fine for a spot of gravel riding along the softest of bicycle trials but thicker treads (like most mountain bikes have) will be needed for the harder rides.

e-Bike Tyre: Fat/Thick


While most people think this is a new craze fat tyre bikes like “Grifters” have been around since the 1970s. These tyres are normally 4-5 inches wide and are designed to rode with low-pressure of around 10-15 PSI which makes them spongy and more forgiving over thicker, harder surfaces like tree roots, logs and rockier surfaces.

While we have covered the main types of e-bike tyres here there are plenty that we have skimmed over. So if you have a question about the types of tyres you should be using do drop us a message via the contact us page, or any of our social media channels.