Racing/Road E-Bikes

What is a Racing/Road E-Bike?

While almost all racing/road bikes sold are not e-bikes there are still some people who need them and indeed prefer them over a normal racing/road bike. While obviously a lot heavier than their non-electrical counterparts the technology and design of them is improving all the time with batteries often built into the frame to make them as lightweight as possible.

This kind of e-bike is for road/asphalt riding only and they are always designed with speed and aerodynamics in mind. With their thin tyres, curved down handlebars and lack of any suspension you will even get these uphill much faster than any other kind of e-bike no matter what level of power assistance you have it on.

Who Are Racing/Road E-Bikes For?

You will be surprised to learn that a lot of e-bike commuters will use these especially if they only use it to ride to work and bike. But they are mostly for the fittest of e-bike riders, those who used to ride a normal racer-style bike, but now need some extra help getting up those hills. The levels of power on offer with these e-bikes is often much lower than other kinds so you will still need to put in most of the work yourself.

Who Are Racing/Road E-Bikes Not For?

If you are planning on going off-road, even if that is on the smoothest of gravel tracks they are probably not for you. It is also worth considering the lightweight frame and arched back racing position you need to ride them as this is also something people struggle with. While some…’larger’ people will still ride these they are often fitter than they appear and are used to the style of riding this bike has. It is deffinitly worth noting any weight restrictions these e-bikes have before you purchase one.

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