E-Bike Motor Power

As with most things on this site with have to make sure we are UK law compliment by telling you that the highest e-bike motor power you are allowed to use on UK roads and public land is 250w.  But for those of us with private land or for which the UK law isn’t applicable we can take a look at higher power levels.

It is also worth noting that a 250w (or indeed any power amount) motor from one manufacturer can be significantly weaker or stronger than one from another. Also, the power delivery method is also applicable here with more torque assistance being delivered via a mid-drive than a rear-wheel hub drive.

E-Bike Motor Power: 250w

250W or Less

This amount of power is of course only compliment with UK laws and regulations provided it is delivered via pedal assist only. No form of throttle or other e-bike power delivery methods are allowed.

Provided you are fairly fit 250w should be enough to help get you up those gentle hills and along those long straights and is the perfect choice for those new to the world of e-bikes. Of course the bigger the battery is, the further it will allow you to travel.

E-Bike Motor Power: 500-1000w


You will find most e-bikes for sale fall into this power range and provided you are compliant with UK law you will find this amount of power is perfect for those of us who are not as fit as we once were. It will power you up the steepest of hills, assist you along the longest of roads and give you enough confidence and power to go further for much longer.

E-Bike Motor Power: 1000W+


This is when the lines of an e-bike and an e-motorcycle get a little blurred. Anything over 1000w of power is only suitable for those doing deliveries (on private land) or those riding the steepest of hills. I have seen e-bikes with 7000w power units that reach speeds I can only consider as crazy and pointless.

While we have covered the main types of e-bike motor powers here there are plenty that we have skimmed over. So if you have a question about this you should be using do drop us a message via the contact us page, or any of our social media channels.