Other E-Bikes

What is an Other E-Bike?

When an e-bike doesn’t fit into any other category this is where it ends up. Maybe it is a custom build, maybe it is designed for a specific kind of riding style or job. There are hundreds of e-bikes than can easily slip into this category, but they are all e-bikes at heart.

Who Are Other E-Bikes For?

E-bikes that fall into this category are often built for a specific kind of person. Maybe a courier who has to deliver larger things that a normal e-bike can’t do, or maybe even someone who has a disability and these e-bikes are designed for them.

Who Are Other E-Bikes Not For?

With this kind of e-bike you either know whether it is for style for you or not. They are not for people who buy things blindly and they are not for people looking for a normal e-bike. Most people will know if it is for them simply because they have been looking for a feature/design that only that e-bike offers.

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