2022 Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition


Category: E-MTB
Tyres: 3X 5″ thick Fat Tyres X2 Front and 1X Back
Power Delivery: Pedal Assistance, Throttle
Motor Power: 750W
Motor Position: Mid-Drive Motor

Rungu Dualie® Rugged is the single battery version of the flagship Rubicon Trail Edition. It offers the same unparalleled off-road performance as all Rungu Dualies, but gets some important upgrades as well. The Rugged includes the BOX Prime 9 gearing, Maxxis Tires, and a number of accessories chosen for their utility when tackling challenging terrain – like the world-famous Rubicon Trail.



What can you say about this truly crazy e-bike? If you need an e-bike that can handle just about anything you can throw as it this is the one for you. The crazy dual-front forks are not just for show, they make the bike more stable, and more able to handle rough terrain and it means you get more control and power when you need it most. The large back-rack also means it can store a whole lot of camping or hunting equipment. This is an e-bike that can not only take you on an adventure, but it could also take you to places no other e-bike could.

Additional information

Total Weight:

325 lbs (148 kg)


40 – 50 Miles

Battery Type:

Removable 52V 5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Brake Type:

Disc Brakes (X2 Front and 1X Back)

Colour Options:

Winter Slate, Midnight Black, Forest Green


7 Speed BOX Prime 9 Derailleur


Dual Front Forks Only

100% Charging Time:

4-5 hours

Suitable Rider Height:

5ft 6in – 7ft 0in



This e-bike is for hunters, explorers and those who plan to go off-road and need something a little more ridged and supportive than a normal e-mtb. If you plan to go off the beaten track and into the woodlands where things can get rough this is the e-bike for you.


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