Folding E-Bikes

What is a Folding E-Bike?

These are e-bikes that fold in half usually along the frame making them a compact size that you can easily carry onto public transport, slip into the boot of your car or simply store away in a smaller place than most other e-bikes.

Who Are Folding E-Bikes For?

This kind of e-bike is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of storage at home, or those who have to take public transport before their e-bike commute to work. They are also good for local, mostly flat-based rides and are very casual in design. While some of them (with fat tyres) will allow for rougher rides along gravel tracks most of them are best suited to asphalt riding.

Who Are Folding E-Bikes Not For?

If you want to go on longer, rougher rides this kind of e-bike probably isn’t for you. While the folding frames are always strong and sturdy they won’t take those bumps and jumps along harder-to-travel paths. Most of them will also come with lower weight limits meaning they are not suitable for heaver and indeed taller riders as the frames are often smaller in size.

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