Windgoo B20 250w Folding Electric Bike


Category: Folding E-bike
Tyres: 14″ Tyres with 1″ Thick Tread Front and Back
Power Delivery: Pedal Assistance,  Cruise Control
Motor Power: 250W
Motor Position: Rear Wheel Hub Motor Only

Review: Compared to many other affordable folding e-bikes the Windgoo B20 250w Folding Electric Bike is sadly lacking in features with no lights at all and some of the smallest wheels you will ever find on an e-bike with 14″ diameters. But yet, it is also one of the cheapest coming in at just under £500 in most cases. For that small amount of money, you get a 250w E-bike with both cruise control and pedal assist mode all of which folds into one of the smallest form factors you will find in the world of folding e-bikes. Supporting riders up to 100kg (15.7 stone) it is a strong little workhorse and perfect for those who don’t have much room or have smaller cars to carry their e-bikes in.

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DESIGN A modern, urban design, made especially for the city. The body frame offers performance and comfort. Choose our B20 e-bike as an alternative to traffic congestion and crowded public transport, able to start at 0 speed and with no effort when starting. Easy folding design, folds in 5 steps.
ENGINE AND BATTERY Powerful and silent 250W brushless motor. 36V 6.0Ah (216Wh) lithium battery located under the seat for a range of up to 22km* (range subject to riding style, road conditions, temperature, load, etc.).
TWO RIDING MODES Two modes: pure electric mode and normal riding. Equipped with fixed speed cruise control.
BRAKES Dual disc brakes for high efficiency. Wear-resistant and explosion-proof 14-inch wheels ensure an excellent driving experience
TYPE-APPROVAL CERTIFICATE Windgoo B20 E-bike receives European CE and 15194 certification

Additional information

Total Weight:

38.58 lbs (17.5 kg)

Max Range:

64km – 40 Miles

Battery Type:

36V 6.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Brake Type:

Disc Brakes (Front and Back)

Colour Options:

Black Only





100% Charging Time:

3-4 hours

Suitable Rider Height:

4ft 2in – 6ft 1in – (62cm and 190cm)



Folding e-bikes are perfect for a number of different reasons. If you have a small storage space at home, you need to carry your e-bike onto public transport, or even take it in the car but you only have a small boot space, folding e-bikes are the perfect commuter transport. Gone are the days when a folding e-bike was weak and prone to breaking, these days they come with strong aluminium locking clamps and many of the features you get on full-sized/static framed e-bikes like built-in lights and racks for storage. While they are not suitable for off-roading you can enjoy smooth and easy road travel and the occasional light gravel paths.


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