Frame Style: Folding
Tyres: 14″ Size / 2″ Kenda Tyres Front and Back
Power Delivery: Throttle and Pedal Assistance
Motor Power: 250W
Motor Position: Rare Hub Motor

At just 15KG this e-bike should be easy to carry for most people and folds so small that you could easily store it in the back of a small car. With a super-low price this is the perfect e-bike for those who want to start using the car less, but don’t have that far to travel anyway. You could pop to the shops on this, you could go for a ride with this, in fact, you could even do a little bit of gravel riding as well.

With its 250w motor and the Lithium-ion 36v 7.5Ah battery it is a great entry-level e-bike that could make that short trip to work a little bit more fun and of course a lot more eco-friendly.



Great for leisure use or short commutes. This little bike has everything! Available in 4 eye-catching colours, it combines practicality and style. A 250w motor with a 7.5Ah 36v rechargeable lithium battery has all the power you need to have fun.

If you want something small and nippy this is the e-bike for you and it is perfect for those who have to commute to work, but still have a journey ahead of them once they arrive.

Additional information

Total Weight:

15 kgs


12-22 Miles (20-35 Kilometers)

Battery Type:

LG Lithium-ion 36v 7.5Ah

Brake Type:

Rim Brakes (Front and Back)

Colour Options:

Green, Red, Blue, White





100% Charging Time:

3 Hours+

Suitable Rider Height:

4ft 10" – 5ft 5"


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