Frame Style: Folding
Tyres: 20″ Size / 3″ Thick Fat Tyres Front and Back
Power Delivery: Throttle and Pedal Assistance
Motor Power: 250W
Motor Position: Rare Hub Motor

Not many folding e-bikes are practical, but yet also fun at the same time, yet this is what the Keeper and Jim R6 250W folding e-bike is. With its bright orange coloured you will be safe on the roads, but it also has fat-boy tyres that means it can handle a bit of gravel action as well. Sure, you won’t be doing any downhill trails on this bike, but you could be having a little bit of fun on the way to work.



Do you want to commute to work with your e-bike but it’s still a rough ride from the station to your place of work? The Keeper and Jim is the e-bike for you. With its strong folding mechanism and surprisingly sporty features, this e-bike is work and fun in one cycle.

Thanks to its 5-speed intelligent power assistance, its Medium-axis direct sensing system with 12 magnetic plates of steel transmits signals with precision and efficiency meaning more power with each turn of the pedels.

Additional information

Total Weight:

26 kgs


24-34 Miles (40-55 Kilometers)

Battery Type:

LG 48v; 10.4 Ah battery

Brake Type:

Disc Brakes (Front and Back)

Colour Options:

Orange Only


7 Speed (7 Back)


Front Forks Only

100% Charging Time:

4 Hours+

Suitable Rider Height:

4ft 10 – 5ft 5 – 6ft 10


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