Frame Style: Diamond
Tyres: 26″ Size / 4″ Thick Fat Tyres Front and Back
Power Delivery: Pedal Assistance
Motor Power: 250W
Motor Position: Rare Hub Motor

It doesn’t matter if you go for the stealthy black and Red colours, or the brighter, cleaner-looking white and blue. These bikes are made for fun with thick boy tyres to eat the dirt up and a super-powerful 1000w/13 Ah battery, this e-bike is sure to get you from A to B in record time.

The front suspension forks even have locking turns for those smooth rides while out on the open road and unlocked for maximum shock absorbing along those gravel tracks, this bike has it all and comes at a pretty great price making it perfect for those looking to get a new e-bike.


Stylish and powerful,the Python is excellent value for money. It boasts 26″ mag-alloy wheels, with 4″wide all-terrain tyres.

Other features include 21 Speed Shimano gears, front and rear disc brakes,deep padded seat, lockable front forks, a powerful led headlight, multi-function display, fenders and a kickstand.

Additional information

Total Weight:

50 kgs


30-40 Miles (48-64 Kilometers)

Battery Type:

LG 48v; 13 Ah battery

Brake Type:

Disc Brakes (Front and Back)

Colour Options:

White and Blue, Black and Red


Shimano 21 Speed (3 Front, 7 Back)


Front Forks Only

100% Charging Time:

5 Hours+

Suitable Rider Height:

4ft 10 – 5ft 5 – 6ft 10


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