X1 PRO GEN 2 E-Bike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal
Power Options: 5000w
Drive Options: Mid-drive Hub
Kit Weight: 13.66 lbs (6.2 kg)
Installation Rating: Hard

The X1 Pro Gen 2 is the ultimate mid drive eMTB conversion system. With up to 5000W of extreme power output & 250 N.m. of torque, this system has the power to excite any eBike or eMTB enthusiast! YC Motor Ltd was hard at work in 2020 to improve the X1 PRO thanks to the support from our customers and the CYC Owners Group. We take pride in continuous development as we reach closer to our goal of bringing you the most powerful mid-drive motor with the smallest form-factor available in the market. All this with the added benefit of your e-bike still looking like a typical e-MTB after conversion, allowing you to enter most of the trails without a hassle.


It’s not exactly UK road legal, but if you want to take e-bike conversion to the extreme this is the kit to do it with. The high-grade motor should be able to attach to most bike frames and there are clear stats to work out if it does or not. There is also a full-colour LCD display and simple power controls that easily attach to the handlebars. Like most mid-drives, this will not be the easiest install, but with a little know-how, you should be fine.


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