Bikee Bike S.r.l Lightest E-bike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal and Throttle
Power Options: 250w, 500w, 750w & 1000w
Drive Options: Mid Chain Drive
Kit Weight: 8lbs (4kg)
Installation Rating: Hard

This e-bike conversion kit is designed for high performance and for longevity. The system can be installed on any bike adding approx. 4 Kg – 8 lbs ( including the battery). The Drive Unit only weighs 1.6Kg (3.5 lbs). It’s the lightest electric bicycle mid-drive motor on the market. That’s the weight of a bottle of water. That’s awesome because you keep your bike agile on the trails and you can carry your bike with less effort on the stairs or while loading it in your car.


With a very impressive 270+ backers over on Indiegogo Bikee Bike S.r.l say they have the world’s lightest e-bike conversion kit on the market. While it doesn’t look like the easiest of kits to use it does seem to come with everything you need right out of the box. While I am not sure about the chain drive system that is something we will reserve judgement on till we have tested one.

Additional information


90Nm (66 ft/lb)

Overall dimensions:

85x90x128mm (3,3 x 3,5 x 5 inch)


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