Swytch eBike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal
Power Options: 250w
Drive Options: Front and Back Hubs
Kit Weight: 1.54bs (0.69kg)
Installation Rating: Medium

This is the world’s first pocketable eBike battery – a truly groundbreaking product in the eBike market. The new Swytch Kit gives you all the range you’ll need and more. Take it abroad with our flight-safe AIR Power Pack. They make the wheel to match your bike, ensuring the Swytch Kit fits perfectly out of the box. The new Swytch Kit allows anyone to turn any bike electric, no matter your technical experience.


With its lightweight and removable battery, this is one of those conversion kits you would wish your own e-bike had been made up of. In fact, they claim this is the world’s first pocketable eBike battery and while you will need big strong pockets you could do just that. While it only comes in UK approved power levels of 250w it does have a range of battery options from 15km range all the way up to 30 km range. And yes, it is one of the easiest to install, but its not THAT easy.


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