LIVALL PikaBoost E-Bike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal Only
Power Options: 250w
Drive Options: Wheel Friction Drive
Kit Weight: 6.61lbs (3kg)
Installation Rating: Easy

Cycling should be easy and fun while staying in good health. That’s why we invented PikaBoost. A smart electric bike booster that can be quickly and effortlessly mounted on a bicycle wheel to power the bike. PikaBoost gives you the most stable, sustainable, silent ride in every terrain you undergo. PikaBoost fits every scenario regardless of whether running errands, commuting, taking a family outing, or going on a long ride. It does this by auto-maintaining an average speed based on your riding pace and the terrain changes. This keeps you in a flow state and in long-term aerobic exercise


The LIVALL PikaBoost E-Bike converter is super light 3 kg (~6.6 lbs) and is said to be suitable for just about all bikes on the market. With its rare wheel drive motor it isn’t going to deliver as much power as a traditional e-bike conversion kit, but it should do for those on a small work commute or wanting a little bit of extra help along those straights.

Additional information


90Nm (66 ft/lb)

Overall dimensions:

85x90x128mm (3,3 x 3,5 x 5 inch)


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