Bafang E-bike Conversion Kit


Assist Options: Pedal, throttle
Power Options: 500w, 750w
Drive Options: Mid-drive Hub
Kit Weight: 19.8 lbs (8.7 kg)
Installation Rating: Hard

Bafang BBS02B Mid drive kit is compatible with mountain bikes, road bikes and so on. This kit is designed to fit a standard 68-73mm (length) and 34-36mm (internal diameter) bottom bracket. The BBS02 750W motor max torque up to 120 N.m. This mid-speed sensor motor will easily climb stairs, go well over 25mph on the flats and much, much faster down hills. It comes with all necessary accessories: a Mid-drive motor, brake levers, thumb throttle, chainring wheel, crank, LCD display, speed sensor and magnets, 1T4 wire, nuts, battery and charger and a free head light!


There is quite a lot to love about this e-bike mid-drive hub conversion kit, with its colourful LCD display and hidden battery and brake light installed into a seat rack, this conversion kit ticks so many boxes it’s hard to fault it! While mid-drive conversion kits are the hardest to install the payoff is well worth it. Besides this kit costs about half the price of a normal mid-drive making it a good deal as well.


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