FROFILE Bike Helmet for Adults


Category: Helmets and Safety Wear
Suitable For: All E-bikes

This urban-style, cap-looking bike helmet is made of an ABS durable shell and leather materials. It is also corrosion-resistant, heat resistant, and low-temperature resitant plus it is designed for long-lasting usage. Sadly, it only comes in small and medium sizes, so those of us with larger heads will miss out here. But if you want a cycling helmet with a touch of style look no further.


With its longer brim to better shield your head from sun and rain, the FROFILE bike helmet is not like other bike helmets at all. It comes in a wide range of colours, and its baseball cap design is sure to look a little cooler than any other cycling helmet. The good news is this helmet doesn’t just offer style over safety as it has 4 layers or protection and is designed to be impact resistant even if hit straight on from the brim.


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