Onvian Smart Bike Tail Light


Category: Lights and Visibility
Suitable For: All E-bikes

This is a 5 In 1 rear light for e-bikes. It features a warning light, brake light, turn Signals, an electric bell and a anti-theft alarm. If you do a lot of road riding this will remind the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles of your general direction which protects both the rider and others around the bike. The taillight has a maximum brightness of 160 lumens and its 200-degree wide-angle design means everyone can see it.



Why settle for a simple rear bike light when you can buy one of these? While it does work like a rear bike light you can also use it as turn signals with flashing indicators and a horn! You can easily control it via the wireless touch panel you attach to the handlebars. If you need a rear brake light anyway, you might as well go all out and buy one of these.


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