20 LED Bicycle Wheel Lights


Category: Lights and Visibility
Suitable For: All E-bikes

Front and back lights leave you vulnerable from the sides. Gain visibility from all directions with this set of 20 LED Bicycle Wheel Lights. They come in various colours like White, Red, Yello, Blue, Green, Pink or Multicoloured. They are fairly simple to put on and run on 3X AAA batteries which last about 40 hours.


While the ones we tested are unbranded, they do come under many different names like “Activlife” and “Kaitek” and yes, they are all essentially the same thing. A set of 20 LED lights that wrap around your wheel and spokes to make a nice wheel lights. While pretty to look at they do of course keep you safe on the road and are perfect for foggy night-time rides as you can see them from all angles.



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