ABUS 540 Granit X-Plus E-Bike Lock


Category: Locks and Security
Suitable For: All E-bikes

The arch padlock is one of the classics in the protection of bicycles and not without reason. Solid material and no moving part outside the locking mechanism offer an excellent starting point for the best resistance. An experience of decades in arc locks endorses us as experts in the most effective use of materials and unique technology and with it, one of the leading manufacturers of arc locks. In addition: Police advisers and insurance companies recommend the use of an arch padlock and have approved this very model.


OK, so it’s not cheap, but in EBUK’s opinion, this is THE best bike lock on the market right now. Despite being a practical size and surprisingly light (for a high-security bike lock) it has a Sold Secure Diamond rated lock. It does have to be noted that it doesn’t comes with a mounting bracket so you will need a backpack to carry it. Your e-bike is already more expensive than normal bikes and that means you should consider spending more to protect it.


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