MEACHOW Rear View Mirror for E-Bikes


Category: Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable For: Mountain, Folding and Hybrid E-Bikes

Made with Crystal UHD Automotive Grade Glass and an Eco-Friendly, Impact Resistant Fiber-Reinforced Nylon, this rear view mirror should take a few knocks and bumps, but still continue to function. With its Anti-glare and Anti-scratch coatings on the lens you should be able to see clearer and sharper while out on the road.



If you plan to do a lot of road riding on your e-bike you should really consider getting one of these. You can get both left and right models and they come in both blue and black. We choose this model for its stylish looks and easy installation. While not everyone is going to need one of these it is always nice to know they are available if you do.


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