Finish Line E-Bike Chain Lube


Category: Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable For: All E-bikes

E-Bikes place specific demands on the drivetrain that differentiate them from standard bicycles. To meet these needs & the needs of E-Bike riders, Finish Line has spent the last year developing an E-Bike specific Lubricant and Cleaner. Using some of the latest technology and following E-Bike manufacturer specifications, Finish Line has developed unique products to keep E-Bikes running and looking like new. Finish Line e-Bike Chain Lube is formulated specifically for lubricating electric assist chains that are subject to high RPMs. According to, “e-Bike motors create greater drivetrain wattage and torque demands than many cyclists on traditional bicycles can consistently and sustainably output.



Finish Line’s unique, foaming cleaner makes e-Bike maintenance easy. Left unchecked, dirt and grime can cause your battery and motor to wear and work less efficiently. Rinse-free technology safely cleans your motor and battery casings, battery contacts and pins, as well as your frame, wheels and any other parts. This cleaner is safe to be used on all surfaces including anodized aluminium, steel, titanium, carbon fibre and matte finishes.


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