What Power E-Bike Do I need?

What Power E-Bike Do I need?

September 1, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

What Power E-Bike Do I need?

If you are new to the world of e-bikes you are probably wondering what power you should get. While it is worth studying UK laws and regulations regarding e-bikes you can of course get a range of different “W” or Watts. Today we take a look at the main power differences and what you can expect from each kind.

NOTE: Performance, toque and results will differ greatly from one person to the next and indeed one battery to the next the information below is based on personal observations based over several e-bike testings, but it should be the same as most people’s own experiences. 

What Can I Expect From my 250W E-Bike?

This is the maximum amount you are allowed to have if you are riding it on UK roads and paths. While performance isn’t the best from a 250W e-bike you will still be able to feel a significant “hand on the back pushing you” style experience. This size motor is perfect for those who are travelling along mostly straight roads, but you will notice a significant drop-off in torque the moment you start to climb even the slightest of hills.

When it comes to physical strength you are going to need a lot of it still as this amount of power will see you doing at least 80% of the work. This power level is best suited to those who can easily ride a normal cycle, but want to experience the power (and fun) an e-bike offers.

What Can I Expect From my 500W E-Bike?

While it isn’t going to power you up steep hills it will give you a significant push on those straights and using pedal assist you will really notice the torque kicking in. This amount of power will still get you up those slight inclines without too much hassle, but anything above 12% means it will give up the ghost and leave you to climb it on your own.

If you haven’t cycled for a while, but are still relatively fit and active this amount of power should cover most of your needs. Here you will be doing at least half the work on every ride, but the power assistance will be noticeable and useful if you are not as fit as you once were.

What Power E-Bike Do I need?

What Can I Expect From my 750W E-Bike?

Now we are in the big-power range. When it comes to torque along the straights you are definitely going to notice this and on the highest assist levels you will probably be letting out screams of excitement. This amount of power should see you get up most hills with a 20% incline, but anything able that it will still need to you put most of the work in yourself. But this amount of power should cover most people’s needs and cover most longer commutes. Only the hardened of trial riders will need much more than this.

For me personally, this is the ideal amount of power. Being overweight and too old to ride uphill this amount of power has me covered in most cases. It allows for those long rides and riding up those steeper hills, but it’s not too much power that it becomes scary for a new e-bike rider.


This is where things get a little grey and a little unnecessary. While most people will never need an e-bike of this power (or above) there is still a case for them. If you are like myself and a rather “heavy” sized person you will need this amount of power and then some to conquer everything that a 750W e-bike should do with a normal-sized person riding it. You can’t expect a 750W motor to help push a 20-stone rider up a hill, but 1000W+ should do the trick.

If you want to ride a bike, but haven’t ridden a normal one for years due to ill health this is the e-bike power for you. With most peddle-assist e-bikes you will still have to pedal and you will get exercise and indeed burn some calories on them, but they take the struggle away making them perfect for someone wanting to cycle again, but not in good enough health to achieve it.