Oxygen E-mate City E-bike Review

Oxygen E-mate City E-bike Review

September 29, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

Ok! First impressions straight out of the box, quality is the first word that springs to mind which, to be quite honest, is what I would have expected from a range of bikes that start at around £1200 and go up to £1450, and I wasn`t disappointed on that score. What was very apparent in lifting the bike from the box was the weight (or lack of it). Sure, this is a retro-style e-bike, but it really was way lighter than many other, newer e-bikes I have reviewed.

On my electronic scales the bike weighs in at 20.5kg without the battery and 24kg with the battery in place, but for some reason, it feels a lot lighter once assembled, probably because it wasn’t so packaged up. The battery is the latest Lithium Polymer of 37V 13Amp and is very light as you can see by the weight figures.

Gear changing was positive, quiet and smooth and the motor fired up the first time with a quiet hum.

It is hard to determine just what separates this bike from my others (that I love btw), but I think it`s the sheer positive steering and build quality that sets it apart from the run-of-the-mill. Push bikes are like motorcycles and cars in as much as when the manufacturers get it right then it all falls in line and so it is with the Oxygen E-bike.

The power delivery from the pedal assist is just about right in my opinion, (not too powerful that it forces you along faster than you want to go, but powerful enough that your legs don`t ache). Need a bit more power to climb a hill or pull away from a junction? Then just switch over to twist the throttle and that bit of extra power fills the gap.

Oxygen E-mate City E-bike Review

As far as range goes, well I hesitate to run any E-bike down to nothing for fear of being stranded out in the sticks where I live but, judging by the mileage I was getting without recharging, I would say that 50 to 60 miles should well be within the bike’s capability when used on pedale assist only.

What amazed me about this e-bike, in particular, was the ability to be able to ride it as an out-and-out sports type bike and really push it along at a decent pace or pootle around the country lanes taking in the scenery during this fine spell of late June weather.

A note on the brakes: Rear V brake and Front Disk. I`m a bit touchy on brakes, they either throw you over the handlebars or you need to put a foot out to stop yourself but what I like about the choice on the E-mate is just how progressive they are with plenty of stopping power should you need it but silky smooth gradual normal braking.

EBUK have no connection whatsoever to Oxygen bikes and gain nothing financially from this review and it was one of their 2017 models rather than the updated ones available on their website, but it was the one I found to buy so that is what I reviewed.