FAQs You Should Know About E-bike Chargers

FAQs You Should Know About E-bike Chargers

September 24, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

If it works it will be mostly ignored, but yet it is probably the single most important thing about your e-bike, so much can go wrong and there are many questions people have about them. Today we hope to quash some of the worries and answer some of the most frequent questions about e-bike chargers…

Does My E-Bike Come With a Charger?

We have purchased countless e-bikes here at EB-UK over the years and we are yet to receive a single one without a charger. At the end of the day this is something that really should come with it because often the batteries and ports are very specific for that battery on that said e-bike, so one can’t work without the other and will always be included in the box, or in some cases, we have received the charger and battery separate because of battery shipping laws.

What Should I Do If My E-Bike Doesn’t Have A Charger?

While we here at EB-UK have never had this issue we have received e-mails from people telling us that this has indeed happened to them. The best thing to do here is to immediately contact the place you purchased your e-bike from and get them to send you one (they might even send you a few extra things as way of compensation), but let’s just say you purchased it 2nd hand or the shop/site you purchased it from has closed down. Your only option then is to buy one online.

Can I Buy a Spare E-Bike Charger Online?

Can I Buy a Spare E-Bike Charger Online?

You might have already read the e-bike news about the dangerous e-bike chargers being sold online and those issues talked about in that article are well worth a read. But the main thing to look out for when buying an e-bike charger online is that they match the e-bike’s battery as close as you can, paying close attention to the shape and size of the plug-in part making sure it is the right one for you and always buy from a proper UK seller as some sites will dropship it from china where laws are a little more…basic. And besides, it would take much longer to arrive to you. Again, this is a reminder that e-bike chargers are not universal so you will need one specific to your battery’s ports and power.

Can I Buy a Faster Charger?

While the short answer here is ‘No’ some e-bike batteries really do support this feature, but it is worth noting that this will often come with a fast charger already. If your battery says it is 10Ah or Amp-hours and you already have a 2amp charger it would take 5 hours to charge (10÷2=5), or you could get a 4amp charger and it would take 2½ hours to charge it. Again, chargers are NOT universal and you will need to make 100% your charger is safe to use with your battery.

How Do I Know When My Battery is Fully Charged?

There are a few ways in which your charger will let you know this and the most common is a single LED light that is red when charging and it then turns green once the battery is full. Some other chargers have two lights (one red, one green) and it swaps between them once the battery is fully charged. But we have also seen e-bike chargers with LCD display readouts showing you the percentage of which it is charged and how fast it is doing it.

Are There Any Battery Care Tips to Make it Last Longer?

There are a few things you can do that will make your battery last even longer. Not running it all the way to zero, not charging it 100% (around 90% full charge is best) and of course keeping it in a dry, warm place that isn’t too cold, nor too hot.

If you have any other questions about your e-bike charger that we have not covered here do let us know in the comments below.