Here is Why Folding E-Bikes Are Perfect For The City

Here is Why Folding E-Bikes Are Perfect For The City

November 15, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to travel from one place to another due to the increase in traffic and ever-rising fuel prices. Trying to slowly crawl among the sea of cars on the roads of major cities is a hassle which everyone tries to avoid. Sure, a motorbike is an easier option when it comes to cruising through heavy traffic, but it comes with its share of problems; maintenance is not cheap and the ever-rising fuel price creates a bumpy ride. The only glitch in it is the space used by motorbikes and mopeds, even though it is less than a car, space is still at a premium in the city where there is already a shortage of space, it is one of the reasons why people think twice before buying it. Hence a folding e-bike is needed. It gets you from A-B without resulting in your being a sweaty mess and it solves the problem of storage space.

A folding e-bike is meant mainly for commuting purposes and hence it is designed accordingly. The wheels are smaller in size, normally between 16”-20” and the frame is assembled for comfort and durability. But this doesn’t mean the functionality is compromised. They are still manufactured on the lines of a conventional bike; there are certain e-bike manufacturers who are designing high-end bikes and larger e-MTBs with a folding capability. Some folding e-bikes come with 24 gears equivalent to a mountain bike whereas others have a BMX frame for strength. Do check out our recent review of the SMLRO S11F Fat-Tyre Folding E-Bike for one such example.

The design offers the flexibility of storing these folding e-bikes effortlessly into cramped spaces, especially in city apartments and studio flats where there is no garden or room for a shed. Since it can be stored inside your houses they are virtually theft-proof, which is a huge advantage in the bigger cities. Such bikes offer a healthy and green method of transport if used as a commuter bike. Usually, a conventional e-bike is not allowed in taxis, buses or trains because it takes a lot of space and creates hindrances for other travellers; but the folded version are considered as a carry on items in most cases. It can also be transported easily since it fits well into a car’s trunk. Now the rider has the freedom to take his bike to places he fancies will be good for a bike ride. The money saved when used with a public transport for longer journeys is better than using a car!

But every invention has its weaknesses; the design which is known for its flexibility is also complex in nature which means certain parts can create snags if not handled properly. Due to this complexity of design, folding bikes are often more expensive than conventional bikes of the same size and style. Manufacturing of such bikes is often done as cheaply as they can and while this does result in the folding e-bike being lighter, it also means it is a little weaker. But as you make it stronger and with more “normal bike” features for better comfort, the more complex the design becomes thus, this makes it harder to fold it quickly.

The truth is the perks of owning a folding bike far outweigh the shortcomings mentioned above. The popularity of these folding e-bikes has increased in recent times and hence new folding bikes are being designed which are lighter in weight and still offer the same comfort and durability thus ensuring that a buyer doesn’t have to compromise on such attributes.  If you have any questions about buying your first e-bike do let us know in the comments below or via the contact us page.