What E-bikes Might Be Like in the Next 5 Years

What E-bikes Might Be Like in the Next 5 Years

December 31, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

For e-bike riding lovers and enthusiasts, you all know how fulfilling it is to have a long ride without experiencing troubles with your e-bike. As this year ends I start to think ahead and while no one can truly predict the future there are some future movements with e-bikes that are pretty much a given and those are the things I will be mentioning here…

They Will Weigh Less

As said earlier, electric bikes are ordinary bicycles but having a motor and a battery attached to them. These additional components add weight to the bike. As it is now, they are not easily portable especially so for the young and the elderly. Future bikes will weigh less by having lighter frames. Manufacturers, also, are keen to redesign the bikes to ensure the weight is significantly reduced. Folding e-bikes will be common as not only do they weigh less but also reduce on space occupied.

They Will Be Less Noisy

It is hard to ignore the sound of an eBike as it passes by. Bike enthusiasts who hate publicity find this unnecessary attention the bike attracts annoying. Most of the time they prefer riding them out of the city; in the desert and mountains. However, in five years the integration of motor and battery as well as other improvements will see the noise reduced significantly.

Be Technologically Advanced

The world is experiencing rapid technological advancement, and the e-bikes will not be left behind either. Incorporation of applications such as Bluetooth will make the user experience more memorable. It means you could listen to your favourite music as you enjoy each ride. Another feature such as mapping which will add value to the bicycle as you will be able to follow a set route and know your precise location at any moment. It will also be possible to calculate the number of miles covered as well as the average speed.

Have Longer Lasting Battery

The major problem with electric bikes is the battery. It takes very long for the battery to get a decent charge and this will only see you through 30-80 miles. Also, the batteries are smaller in size which limits the charge. However, future bikes, due to continued improvement in the battery performance and efficiency, will be able to cover more distance on a single charge.

Be More User-Friendly

To be able to enjoy every ride of the electric bike, it should be simple to operate. Things like how to pedal while engaging the engine, shift the gears, reduce speed and increase speed without complications and so on. Also, more ergonomic handles are features for the future for all electric bikes regardless of their price which adds to the comfort.

Do you agree with the future of e-bikes or have other thoughts? Do let us know in the comments below.