7 E-Bike Safety Tips to Know Before You Take Your Next Long Cruise

7 E-Bike Safety Tips to Know Before You Take Your Next Long Cruise

December 19, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

Your e-bike is charged up and you’re ready to go for that nice long cruise you’ve been dreaming about all week. You’ve planned your route and cleared your calendar. But before you grab your gear and hit the road, there are a few e-bike safety tips you should take into consideration.

So set aside your helmet (you were going to wear a helmet, right?) and read up on these 7 e-bike safety tips to ensure you enjoy your next ride…

1. Protect your head.

Yes, it may seem lame, uncomfortable, or not cool – but wearing a helmet is definitely the first rule of e-bike safety. A minor crash can become a major catastrophe if you’re not protecting your head. This is e-bike safety 101.

2. Check your tires.

To really make the most of your long road, check your tire pressure and make sure that they are topped off. Also look for excessive wear. Tires with low air pressure or bare tread can compromise your ability to stop on a dime – which may be necessary if you find yourself in a sticky situation with a car, pedestrian, or cyclist.

3. Light it up.

If your ride will extend before or after peak daylight, then make sure that you have a blinking light attached to the front and rear of your e-bike. This way, drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians can see you coming or going. Don’t rely on a basic reflector for the high visibility needed in low-light conditions.

Map your route.

4. Map your route.

Know where you’re heading on your ride and your final destination and your estimated time of arrival. Jot it down on a piece of paper at the house, or text your plans to a friend. Keeping others in the loop can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong on the trip and you don’t make it back as planned.

5. Stay hydrated.

Heat and overexertion sap you of your strength, so bring along plenty of fluids to stay hydrated on your ride. This is crucial to ensure e-bike safety throughout your cruise.

6. Go with the flow.

If you’re riding in the road, travel in the same direction as traffic – not against it. Less than 2 percent of bicycle collisions are cases where a vehicle struck an e-bike rider from behind. On the other hand, riding against the flow of traffic can make you a hazard.

7. Install all the “bells and whistles.”

Ok, so maybe not bells and whistles – but at least invest in a bell (for alerting pedestrians), horn (for alerting cars), and mirror (for improving visibility). These basic modifications to your ride will help guarantee your e-bike safety.
Bear in mind that many e-bikes are relatively quiet, so a bell and horn are essential in making others aware of your presence. If you creep past a pedestrian, you may startle them. If you are travelling next to a motor vehicle, you risk the chance that they may not see or hear you until it is too late.

Why E-Bike Safety is So Important

E-bike safety is a critical issue because this form of transportation can travel so quickly, quietly and efficiently. Unlike a traditional pedal power bike, an e-bike can reach significantly higher speeds for a sustained period of time. This means that the rider (that’s you!) needs to pay careful attention to the road ahead, other vehicles and pedestrians, and obstacles that may pop up.

Travelling at a higher speed raises the bar when it comes to the need for biker awareness. Though electronic assistance may make the ride seem less work, it’s important to stay engaged in the ride – for your safety and everyone else’s!

Ride Safe, Ride Smart

Planning and implementing these e-bike safety tips and best practices are essential for staying safe on rides of any length. However, the greater the distance you travel, the more likely it is that you may face a problem. So be especially aware of e-bike safety when planning for a longer ride.

Are you planning a long e-bike ride in the near future? Or do you tackle a long ride each day on your way to work? Keep these e-bike safety tips in mind and you’ll have a stress-free ride that makes owning your e-bike better and better with each mile that passes and if you have any better tips yourself do let us know in the comments below.