How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your E-Bike At Home

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your E-Bike At Home

January 18, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

Have you got an issue with your e-bike? Is the motor not working? Is the bike not powering on? Today we will talk about how to locate a problem and potentially fix your e-bike at home, with very little tools and even less know-how. So let’s start at the start and presume we have no idea what the issue is. In this situation, you always need to start at the start…

Check that battery

This is the start of your e-bikes operations and the best place to start troubleshooting problems with your e-bike. The first step has to be a visual inspection of the battery itself. If you can remove the battery and inspect it. Is it cracked? Is it wet, or any signs of dampness?  Are there any wires showing? Once you have ticked all those boxes you will then need to turn to the connections in which the battery connects to the bike. Are the pins straights? Is the connection dry and clean? If everything checks out here, you will need to do a check on the power output of the battery itself.


The only way to do this safely would be with a volt testing kit like the one in the image above. Simply put the prongs on the power points and it should read more than 48V or whatever your e-bike is. If you get a reading there then it is maybe not your battery and this is where things do get a little tricky.

Process of Elimination

OK, so it’s not the battery so now you have to try to work out WHAT the issue is. Does your e-bike power on? If so its not the battery, so it could be the motor blown, does the thumb throttle work, but not the pedal assist? Does everything else work, but the lights won’t come on? If you can pinpoint what part of your e-bike is malfunctioning you can fix it a lot easier.

Opening the Battery Management Case

In most cases this will be pretty easy to do with the removal of just a few screws you should be able to get into the case which is located here…

Battery Management Case

In here you will be able to test each component of your e-bike separately. Start by removing each connection, reconnecting the battery and try it again, but whatever you do DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING WITH THE BATTERY STILL CONNECTED!

Battery Management System

Simply pull out any push-in connections (one by one) and connect the battery and turn your e-bike on again, you could well get to the bottom of the problem here and even fix it, I have had connections come lose on my own e-bike and simply blowing any dirt out of the connection and re-connecting it solved the problem. But at worst you might well find the single componant that is causing the issues.

The key to fixing your e-bike at home is to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. Using this guide you should be able to do just that, but even if it doesn’t solve the problem there is no harm in trying to fix it. Of course, you shouldn’t do any testing/fixing yourself if your e-bike is still under warranty.

At worst you might well have to take it to an e-bike repair shop, but if that isn’t an option maybe drop us a message via our contact page and we will try and help in any way we can.