Folding E-bikes Are The Perfect Answer To Threats of Snow!

Folding E-bikes Are The Perfect Answer To Threats of Snow!

November 24, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

A cyclist’s worst nightmare is wintertime. Not only do you have to worry about the daily hazards of you slipping and sliding around in the winter but you also now have to worry about cars sliding off-road and such. From my own experience using one in the city of Cardiff, most people have absolutely no idea how to drive in the winter and think the snow will allow them to cruise through streets going 40 miles per hour like they usually do. So many accidents can be prevented by taking it slower.

A lot of experienced cyclists even while knowing the immediate threats of winter are usually pretty good at avoiding most of these dangers. Newly-made bicycle lanes in most highly populated cities are currently working wonders to prevent biking accidents. Snow however seems to shut people’s brains off in regard to driving on the road and that is where most of you will be using your folding e-bikes!

The Problem: You have a full-sized traditional bicycle and you ride it to work. The sun is out, it’s a little chilly but it’s a beautiful day regardless and everything seems to be going okay. After you’ve been at work for eight hours, you come outside and to your surprise, there’s a bunch of snow on the ground and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

So now, you have to flag down a taxi cab or someone who will be able to fit your large bicycle in their trunk. If you live a decent distance away, you’re more than likely not going to try to hoof it on the e-bike because it can get dangerous pretty quickly. But what can you do? Most taxis won’t even allow you to try to put your e-bike into the back because they know it won’t fit and it takes a lot of their time that they could have the meter running.

The Solution: It’s actually quite simple. All of those above problem scenarios could be solved if you had an easy folding e-bike.

Folding e-bikes are becoming a bit more common and popular within the cycling community. They weren’t as widely accepted before but now they’re being taken a bit more seriously and their advantages are starting to outshine their disadvantages. Folding e-bikes are generally widely accepted everywhere and even in areas where they’re not accepted, you can easily cover it with a large bag and stuff it in a backpack or a suitcase.


Depending on the model a folding e-bike can easily fit inside of any office building that you work at so your employer shouldn’t have a problem with you letting it sit next to your desk. So now, that problem scenario you had above is solved.

You start off your morning by getting ready for work, you then ride your folding e-bike into work, you find that the handling of the bike despite having small wheels is really great and it makes for a smooth ride and you can bring the bike right up to your office desk without worrying about finding a place for it or it being stolen. Then, when you leave your work and find that outside is covered in snow and it looks like a Blizzard, you don’t have to worry about it because most folding e-bikes are waterproof and many even come with fat-tyres which can handle the snow with ease.

But even if you don’t want to ride home all you have to do is hail a cab and you can have it sit in the backseat with you. I doubt any taxi driver’s going to mind a folding e-bike sitting in the seat next to you, even if it has snow and dirt on it (believe me, I’m sure they’ve had dirtier things back there). And you can even take most of them on the bus/train if you need to do that as well.

The truth is the manufacturers of folding e-bikes often make their bikes with these sorts of conditions in mind. Most folding e-bikes are not only treated to be anti-rust and corrosion but you have less of a chance of it even happening since they’re always brought inside with you.

A folding e-bike is handy for all sorts of situations like this and it doesn’t have to be snow, it could be a hail storm or just rain, in both those kinds of weathers a folding e-bike will have your back no matter what you decide to do.