6 Tips to Help Prepare You for Spring E-Bike Rides

6 Tips to Help Prepare You for Spring E-Bike Rides

February 3, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

The calendar page has turned, days are getting longer and warmer and you want to get outside and ride! If you are thinking about riding your e-bike to work again, or going on adventures as I do, these tips will help you get the most out of that first winter ride…


Take care of your body. Do some light stretching or even throw down a yoga pose or two before you head out and when you get back. This is a great way to limber up and then cool down post-ride and yes, you should do them even on an e-bike as most of us do use pedal assist and could still benefit form doing this.

Take care of the machine

If your e-bike sat in the garage all winter, it will need some lovin’. Consider bringing it into your local bike shop for a quick tune up, or better yet, slap it on a repair stand and do it yourself! Clean the bike, inspect the brakes and wheels, inspect the drivetrain, inspect all cables, check your tires and the most important thing is to fully charge the battery and check the electronic components are fully working.

Check your clothes/other equipment

Inventory your onboard repair kit to make sure you have a few basic tools, tubes, mini pump, etc. Be sure the cleats on your cycling shoes are sound. Treat yourself to a new pair of cycling shorts (especially if you can’t remember when you last got any). The same thing goes for your helmet. Sweat, sun and the elements eventually wreak havoc on helmets, so it may be a good idea to get a new one.

Prepare for unpredictable conditions

Be ready for swings in the weather and dress and ride accordingly. Even over the course of a day, the spring season can bring extreme temperature changes and severe storms. Make sure your e-bike can not only handle the rain, but also harsher conditions like hail storms (simply check with the manufacturer’s website).

Take it slow

Take it easy on your first ride or three! After a few weeks of regular rides, you will feel stronger and faster and ready to dial up the intensity. Even that first ride out on an e-bike will be quite a strain so don’t push yourself too far.

Break up your old routines

Spring is a perfect time for fresh starts. It is easy to do the same route over and over, especially if your time is limited. But why not shake it up? Think about finding a new rail trail in your area to explore. Try a group ride. No group rides in your area? Start one yourself. Sign up for a charity ride or a sprint triathlon to give yourself a training goal.

No matter what you do just get out there and enjoy it, but as for these tips you should be wary of that first ride, especially if you have not ridden your e-bike since last summer.