Check Out The MIHOGO NX – Dual-Battery Magnesium Alloy E-Bike

Check Out The MIHOGO NX – Dual-Battery Magnesium Alloy E-Bike

March 29, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

What you are looking at is the MIHOGO NX and it is launching on in April of this year (2023). With an RRP of just $1199, it does fall under the cheaper side of e-bikes and the price will be even lower for Super Early Bird investors. But of course it is the “aerospace-grade magnesium alloy” that really gets people talking. Before we get to that it is worth knowing that MIHOGO does already sell a good range of e-bikes anyway over on their website –

First and foremost, the Mihogo NX is built for durability. Made of aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, it is two-thirds the weight of aluminium alloy and one-fifth the weight of high carbon steel, yet its unibody frame is incredibly strong and able to support up to 550 pounds (which is 250 KG). Not only is it strong, but it also boasts sleek aesthetics, ensuring that you look good while riding it and it comes in a range of colours to suit most people’s tastes.

Checking Out The MIHOGO NX - Dual-Battery Magnesium Alloy E-Bike

But the Mihogo NX is more than just good looks. It also offers a long-range and comfortable riding experience thanks to its minimalist design and incredible functionalities. With swappable dual 12.8 Ah batteries, one full charge can provide a long range of over 80 miles (which is about 130 kilometres) and this also eliminates the anxiety of low battery that people sometimes get with most other forms of e-bikes. It’s got some oomph as well with a 1,000-watt high-speed motor meaning it can conquer inclines up to 15 degrees with ease and slow down on those long downhill sections thanks to its car racing grade 2-piston hydraulic brakes.

The Mihogo NX also comes equipped with 20-inch fat-tyres with a 4-inch grip which provides a high level of performance and stability even on sand and snow surfaces. Additionally, Mihogo’s anti-chock technology ensures an extremely smooth riding experience. And thanks to its built-in smart display meter, riders have all the data they need for their entire workout. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Mihogo NX is its compact and lightweight design, which allows it to be folded in seconds and stowed in most car trunks.

Some of MIHOGO NX’s stats and feature includes:

  • Aerospace-grade Magnesium Alloy
  • Only 2/3 the weight of Aluminium alloy, and 1/5 the weight of High Carbon Steel
  • Support Up To 550lbs/250kg
  • Dual-12.8ah Battery
  • 80miles/130km Range
  • 1000w high-speed motor allows you to conquer 15 degrees incline
  • 20” * 4.0 gripping wide tires

We will be keeping a firm eye on this e-bikes future and we hope you check it out over on the page soon. If you have any questions, thoughts or opinions on this e-bike do let us know in the comments below.