5 Ways to Look Cool While Riding Your E-Bike

5 Ways to Look Cool While Riding Your E-Bike

February 27, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

If you want to look cool riding an electric bicycle you need to make up your mind about what cool really means. Nowadays, riders make themselves look cool by wearing the right suit, having the right gear and accessories and the right apps for their e-bicycles, but I just think owning an e-bike is something cool in its own right. But if you prefer those other things these tips might help you out…

The Right Clothes

The Right Clothes

If you think that looking futuristic and sci-fi, when you ride an electric bicycle, is cool, then you might want to get something like the Lycra cycle gear. This kind of suit is something that looks like what Olympic athletes and scuba divers wear. It looks something like cool spandex for cyclists. First of all, it protects you from the elements, assists in two-wheeled driving and is very aerodynamic. You can also try the Rapha Pro Team Aerosuit. If you wear it, it is almost physically impossible to get any more aerodynamic. You would slice through the air like a hurled javelin. The lightweight is also treated with a special anti-bacterial coating to keep you smelling fresh when you are speeding towards your destination.

Paul Smith 531 waterproof jacket

If you want to get that easy urban rider look, you can try the Paul Smith 531 waterproof jacket. Also, you could check out the Vulpine Button Down Oxford Shirt. The good old, preppy Oxford shirt is a style favourite and it is not showing any signs of going out of fashion. You might also want to put in a Chapeau lightweight cap. It is a good way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Chapeau’s retro-plastic caps have others that are polka-dotted like a jockey’s cap, look business, even if you wear them under a helmet. The polyester material is considered as cooler than traditional cotton rivals. Simply put, nothing is as hip as a Chapeau cap.

Specialized S-Works Prevail

You can also get the Specialized S-Works Prevail, a lightweight, comfortable and feature-rich helmet. It is the perfect addition to any road racer’s noggin. It is constructed from multi-density EPS and has a new pad design. It has been constructed to display performance when you need it and also offer some kind of comfort which could be really worthwhile on lengthy rides. Pearl Izumi Pro Leader III is a cracking pair of SPD shoes with, during the time it was released, the slimmest upper available and is partly made through the wonders of 3D printing. The shoes mould quickly to your feet with absolute comfort and weigh just 235g. These are really excellent shoes and are available in red and black.

The Best Apps


Whether you are a seasoned professional or just off the stabilizers, you definitely need the best cycling apps to look cool and get your biking to the next level. An example of a good app is Strava Cycling. It lets you record your times, challenge friends and even hook up heart rate sensors to get a comprehensive reading of your statistics. Another favourite app of many riders is the London Cycle. Colour-coded dots overlaid on the map indicate availability in certain locations, while a rental timer lets you be aware of whatever price increases there are. If you wish to update the features, you need to connect to the internet.


If you wish to get the optimum bike fittings based on your measurements, SizeMyBike lets you provide the best possible comfort and performance when riding. Whether you are purchasing a road bicycle or a mountain bicycle, this app could save you from forking out for an expensive fitting. MAPMYRIDE+ GPS CYCLING lets you accurately record your workout data laid out on an interactive map to keep track of your routes. If you decide to have the Plus version, you would be able to integrate your iPod music, connect to a GPS camera and get voice prompts so that you can monitor the progress without swiping through your smartphone.

Endomondo sports tracker pro helps bring your training and your social world together. Endomondo keeps track of a host of sports and provides all the data tracking you are going to need as well as setting challenges every month so that you would be motivated. You could keep everyone updated with progress on Facebook as well as Twitter with a low power mode which means you could conserve phone battery on long-distance rides.

The Best Electric Bike Lights

The Titan 4000 Bike Light

If you wish to look cool and safe even at night then bicycle lights are very important. Even the most fashion-conscious rider must consider having a high vision kit in the twilight and even at night. We all know that a black cycling kit is cool, manly and very slimming but when everything is dark and roads are filled with 7.5-ton trucks, you definitely need electric bike lights. You need to consider front and rear lights if you really want to fire up your bicycle. The key to having bright lights is battery life and the shape of the front beam. If you are in town, an LED front bike light rated at 300-500 lumens is more than enough. On the rear, 60-70 is adequate.

With this said, most modern front lights have several multiple power modes, so you could get something as powerful as 1,000 lumens and keep it on a lower setting, keeping the full beam reserved for foggy nights in town or dark country lanes. Most riders nowadays seem to choose flashing settings on front and rear but there is too many to say if you use a constant beam on its own or as an addition to flashing one even if it does drain the battery faster. Flashers could make it difficult for you to judge distance and could also be irritating to other road users.

VOLT100XC Bike Light

So what lights are recommended? You might want to try Light and Motion Urban 350. It is a perfect commuter light. It has a maximum lumen of 350 and a battery life of 1.5 hours. It is also perfectly rechargeable. It is quite compact and lightweight. It has excellent light and is very easy to attach. You could also try Blackburn Central Front Smart Light. It has a maximum lumen of 500, a battery life of 1.5 hours and is also rechargeable. It has a longer battery in smart mode and has a strong light. Lastly, you can use the Supernova E3 Pure 3 Dynamo Light with a maximum lumen of 230. It does not require a battery, is quite incredibly small and well made and is also very bright.

If you just think something else makes you look cool that we haven’t discussed here do let us know what it is in the comments below.