5 Tips for Keeping Your E-Bike Safe from Theft

5 Tips for Keeping Your E-Bike Safe from Theft

December 3, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

Sadly, no matter what e-bike you have it is always a high-value item and thieves and chancers know this so it is important to make sure your e-bike is as secure from theft as it can be. These are general tips and not about simply leaving your e-bike locked up somewhere. None of these tips will guarantee your e-bike is never stolen, but it will make sure it is as safe as you can make it…

Tip 1: Can You Be Found?

Strava, alltrails and similar apps are great for tracking your cycle routes and runs but are you aware most people don’t take much notice of their security settings? As a result, they are publishing their e-biking routes including their home and place of work online. It is great to show the world how fit you are but thieves actively use this information to target homes and places of work, especially if you have a high-value e-bike that is worth the trip to those locations.

Tip 2: Social Media

Are you putting pictures of your e-bike and gear on forums or social media? Do you realise that if that said picture is taken on a phone most of them contain the time, date and exact location of where the photo was taken? By doing so you are leaving a treasure map for thieves.

Tip 3: Bike Racks are Display Racks!

Do you use a bike rack on your car with your expensive e-bikes on display? Again thieves know what they are looking for. Be aware and don’t leave everything parked outside your house on display for hours on end, including the empty bike rack

5 Tips for Keeping Your E-Bike Safe from Theft

Tip 4: At Home Security

Secure your shed/garage/home properly against easy access and take additional measures to chain the e-bike up where it is stored inside. Use a proper heavy-duty chain and lock from a local bike store or hardware shop and not with the ‘three padlocks for a pound’ type. Also consider always taking your battery inside with you as this not only keeps your battery from colder/hooter temperatures than it likes but also makes the theft of the e-bike less appealing. Additional measures like CCTV, recording your e-bikes serial numbers, BikeRegister and tracking gadgets should all be considered.

Tip 5: Insure it!

And finally, make sure it’s insured! It really doesn’t cost much to insure an e-bike against theft and the small cost could one day far outweigh the cost of buying a new e-bike.

Please do share these tips and help make it more difficult for thieves, a few minutes could save you thousands of pounds and leave you feeling very down indeed.