Check Out The FUELL Flluid 2: The World’s Longest-Range E-Bike

Check Out The FUELL Flluid 2: The World’s Longest-Range E-Bike

March 31, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

The FUELL Flluid 2 e-bike is said to be the world’s longest-range e-bike that allows you to go 350 KM (220 Miles) on a single charge! How does it do this? It is all thanks to the latest VALEO Cyclee Mid Drive with an integrated automatic gearbox and predictive shifting for an unbelievably enjoyable ride. But you are probably thinking that it just has a big battery that will take a longer time to charge.

With a 1kWh battery, you can ride a lot between charges for sure and it does all this via 2 batteries, not just one, with both batteries being built neatly into the frame and totalling an impressive 2,000Wh capacity. the charging time depends on your home outlet voltage (110 or 220V), the Amp of the charger (3 Amp in this case) and the % of the battery to charge. You need to bear in mind that charging is not linear, it goes fastest between 20 and 80%. So let’s say the best case scenario is less than 1 hour and the worse case 6 hours, so not that much more than you would think.

*Just as a side note here, they do plan to launch a step-through style e-bike called the Flluid-3 that comes with a 1 battery of 1,000Wh.

It is worth knowing that FUELL has been selling e-bikes for a while now with the FUELL Flluid-1 (25 km), Flluid-1S (45 km with Shimano Hub), and Flluid-1E (45 km with Enviolo CVT) models (and you can learn more about these over on their main website:
Check Out The FUELL Flluid 2: The World's Longest-Range E-Bike

When it comes to gears it features Automatic Shifting with the All-New VALEO motor. This is a 750W (1,000W for EU) / 130 Nm mid-drive motor with an integrated gearbox (450% ratio) that gives you smooth acceleration no matter how challenging the terrain is. Plus, smart algorithms within the motor adjust assistance, cranking frequency and pace, so that you get exactly the type of ride you need when you need it.

It’s not just the motor that is high-tech you get to be in control thanks to the embedded connectivity system that offers GPS Geolocation, Remote Lock/unlock, Usage Data & Statistics and Theft Warning. With all these features being integrated into the e-bike as well as its built-in lights you are ready to go when you want and don’t have clutter across the handlebars other than the battery and trip milage display.

This is an e-bike that keeps things simple with a sleek and modern design thanks to its strong aluminium frame and carefully selected components to make it the best e-bike possible. Top off all this with a carbon belt drive instead of a chain for more power and you have yourself a top-of-the-range e-bike that is city-ready and stylish enough to turn heads on those quiet country rides.


Motor: Mid-Drive VALEO
Motor Nominal Output: 750W (US) – 270/750W (EU)
Torque: 130 Nm
Max Speed: Flluid 2: 20 MPH(US)/25KPH(EU) – Flluid 2s: 28 MPH(US)/45KPH(EU)
Throttle: Up to 225 Miles/350 KM
Battery Capacity: 2000 Wh
Battery Voltage: 51.8V
Battery Charger: 3 Amp Fast Charger
Rider Size: 1m 55 cm to 1m 95 cm (5ft 1in – 6ft 5in).

Has this e-bike got your attention yet? I know it has ours and it will be launching over on soon, so why not get in early and get a better price when it launches: