Ten E-bikes That Were Developed by Car Companies

Ten E-bikes That Were Developed by Car Companies

January 4, 2023 0 By EBUK Team

Some of these e-bikes you are about to see are concepts and some are real-world production e-bikes that you can buy right now, but they are all developed by Car Companies and hold the badge and branding of that said company and I promise you at least a few of these will surprise you…

Tesla Model B - (Original Source)

Tesla Model B – (Original Source)

In addition to a sleek frame design, the Model B is equipped with forward-facing, side-facing, and rear proximity LiDAR sensors that scan the environment to form a “protective bubble,” alerting the rider of any obstacles. The Model B’s wheels are each powered by a separate motor, forming a dual-drive system. The wheel spokes are replaced by shock absorbers for a smoother ride.

In addition to fold-out footrests, the frame of the Model B includes handlebars that do not rotate independently but instead detect force. This allows riders to turn the bike by applying more pressure to one side, while the front wheel turns independently based on the force applied.

Maserati E-road Bike - (Original Source)

Maserati E-road Bike – (Original Source)

From the high-performance world, Maserati has just announced the Trofeo e-race bike which features Bafang’s ultra-compact M800 mid-motor. The Bafang M800 has a 200W power output and a max torque of 55Nm. The claimed total weight of the system is less than 4.4k, including the integrated 200Wh battery, 2.2” TFT display and ‘satellite shifter pods’.

According to the official Maserati press release, ‘Since an e-road bike will very quickly exceed the legal motor assist speed threshold, the drive unit has been tuned to perform optimally when starting off and accelerating on short sprints and steep climbs. But even more important: when the limit is reached, the drive train runs almost resistance free and the rider’s own pedalling effort is not affected.’

Ducati TK-01RR E-Bike

Ducati TK-01RR E-Bike – (Original Source)

Ducati E-Bike powered by Thok today reach the highest performance on every route and testify to the goal of offering unique and meaningful experiences. A journey that began in 2019 and which in 2022 will further enrich the range of models available.

The MIG-S, the All Mountain that adopts the new Shimano EP8 engine and renewed components, making it even more performing, versatile and fun on every trail. The TK-01RR, the “top of the range” E-Enduro with top-level components for an even more extreme enduro. This is accompanied by the new limited edition version, designed to enhance the performance of all downhill enthusiasts.

Porsche eBike Sport

Porsche eBike Sport – (Original Source)

The bike – completely reinvented: The Porsche eBike Sport conveys the unmistakable Porsche driving feeling on 2 wheels. The frame designed by Studio F. A. Porsche was perfectly balanced by the cooperation partner ROTWILD. This not only resulted in a high quality design object, but also an ideal companion for long and short everyday routes. The powerful SHIMANO EP8 motor with 85Nm and up to 15,5mph motor support allows for maximum acceleration with minimum pedalling resistance. Thanks to the brake and gear cable guiding integrated in the handlebars, the cockpit is reduced so that you always have the important stuff in view: The road.

The Shimano colour display shows the speed, distance and battery range in real time. The LED bicycle lights elegantly embedded in the seat post and handlebars also provide optimal visibility at night. The e-bike experience is completed by perfectly coordinated technical components: Upside-down suspension fork from MAGURA and FOX dampers absorb every unpleasant impact. The smooth-running Continental Speed King tyres also make everyday routes into real adventures – just like you’re used to with a real Porsche.

BMW E-Bike Collection

 BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike – (Original Source)

Although we might think of BMW primarily as a premium automotive and motorcycle brand, the Germans haven’t been averse to putting their engineering chops to use in the human-powered two-wheel realm either. The latest release on that front comes in the form of its newest electric bikes that stealthily tuck the motor inside the frame to maintain a clean and elegant silhouette while also offering on-demand pedal assist at the touch of a button.

Okay, so the BMW Lifestyle division actually has a pretty robust BMW Bikes Collection (BMW has been building bikes for decades), but let’s face it, the Germans don’t really market them over here, even though by most accounts their products are better than average. BMW’s latest electric two-wheelers were announced by the Germans several weeks ago, and of most interests to us was the newest version of the BMW Active Hybrid eBike.

Harley Davidson Serial 1 E-Bike - (Original Source)

Harley Davidson Serial 1 E-Bike – (Original Source)

While not exclusively a car manufacturer they have made and sold cars over the years, so I feel this still counts. The e-bike, which is available in three sizes to accommodate riders of different heights, features a glossy midnight black paint job. Its white Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, made exclusively for Serial 1, were designed for low-rolling resistance and good shock absorption. Meanwhile, the model’s hand-crafted leather seat and matching grips, made by Brooks England, add a nostalgic touch to the design.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E-Team E-Bike

Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E-Team E-Bike – (Original Source)

The EQ Formula-E Team eBike is sleek and smart, is offered in three trims, and doesn’t look bulky with its external-mounted batteries, a Huge 65Nm of torque, mid-drive power unit and automatic constant variable transmission delivers world-class performance, handling and agility you would expect from a Formula E racing team. Although battery-powered, it looks like a smart, classic road cycle without those humongous frames or external batteries that would give it a bulky look. The eBike is offered in three trims, and in its best avatar, can offer a range of up to 62 miles.

Volkswagen E-Cargo Bike

Volkswagen E-Cargo Bike – (Original Source)

The e-bike is an important mode of transport in the future of mobility, particularly for busy European cities, where more spaces and charging facilities have been created for flexible and eco-friendly transportation. As online ordering increases in popularity, fast and clean last-mile delivery solutions will need to keep up. Cue the Cargo e-Bike, the world’s most advanced electric cargo bike and our first pedelec (pedal electric cycle).

Ford Folding MoDe: Flex E-Bike

Ford Folding MoDe: Flex E-Bike – (Original Source)

At a conference in California, the car maker unveiled its latest prototype folding electric bike called MoDe:Flex. It builds on the technology used in Ford’s previous electric bikes but adds a twist – the battery, motor and wheels can be easily swapped and replaced for different riders and varying terrains. Its prototypes are each powered by 200-watt motors, fold to fit on a train or in the boot of a car, and with pedal assist, help riders reach speeds of up to 15mph (25km/h).

Smart E-bike

Smart E-bike – (Original Source)

On the face of it, the eBike is a perfect fit for the Smart brand, far more so than other car companies which offer branded mountain bikes, skis, and other assorted corporate logoed ‘lifestyle’ junk.

After all, Smart started with the express purpose of revolutionizing urban transportation, by making parking easier and reducing running costs. Bicycles may not be a revolution, but they’re hard to beat as tools for cutting rapidly across a crowded city. The eBike won’t stop you from getting wet when it rains, but thanks to four levels of electric assistance, a large proportion of the physical exertion is removed from every journey.

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