Electric Bicycles Are Good for Your Health

Electric Bicycles Are Good for Your Health

October 30, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

It sounds odd that something that reduces your effort can actually increase your activity, and therefore improve your fitness. But electric bicycles really can do that. The simple fact is that because it is easier it is more enjoyable and so you are much more likely to ride it and go somewhere. Most of us have bicycles at home and most of us don’t ride them much, or even at all. If you have a bike at home you quite likely know it doesn’t get used as much as it could… Because it’s too hot, too cold, too hard.

If you do go out for a good solid workout on your bike, riding fast, with some hills, then that’s excellent, and you are likely to be a fit person. You can be a fit person also with more modest but regular exercise… And that is what you are more likely to do when you have an e-bike…Because you don’t have to make such a big effort to get up the hills or to get along at a good 25 or 30kph, and you won’t arrive at the shops or school or uni or work hot and sweaty, or exhausted when you get home.

With an e-bike you put in as little, or as much, effort as you are comfortable with and that effort is boosted by the bike. The more you do, the less the bike does. The less you do, the more the bike does. You will feel the real boost like a strong tailwind pushing you along.

Electric Bicycles Are Good for Your Health

Experts agree that modest regular exercise is the biggest and easiest improvement you can make to your health, and all agree that modest exercise is far, far better than none. Going to work, school, uni, or to shops on an electric bike on most days is just that…if you ride a bike and you are more likely to ride a bike if it is not too hard to do.

After several years in the e-bike business, we have seen many people who are now getting around on their e-bikes, getting exercise, fresh air and staying fit, people who would not be doing that if they had not got an electric bicycle.

Those who have hips, knees or feet that cannot ride an ordinary bicycle can most likely ride an e-bicycle and will get real benefits from that. Physiotherapists agree that keeping the joints moving with as much effort as is comfortable will keep the joints going and improve circulation and is far better than staying immobile. If it is one leg that has a problem then the other one can get exercise! As always do consult your doctor or physiotherapist before you try to use an e-bike as you don’t want to make matters worse and you might be able to a little extra help in getting one.