Is It Worth Buying an E-bike for a 10-Minute Daily Commute?

Is It Worth Buying an E-bike for a 10-Minute Daily Commute?

October 5, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

Let’s face it, 10 minutes is not a lot of time at all and if that is your small daily commute I would consider yourself very lucky indeed. So is it really worth buying an e-bike for this short amount of time spent in a car or on public transport? Today we will list a handful of reasons why it is and after reading it you might want to pop to our online shop and grab yourself one…


It goes without saying that even a small commute costs money and it’s not just about the petrol costs. There is parking, insurance, check-ups, road tax and everything else you might need to run a car. We have already covered how much you might save on an e-bike, but it is still a good reason to swap to one even for a small commute.

It’s Not Just the Commute

Owning an e-bike doesn’t mean you are limited to that daily commute, by getting an E-Mountian bike you could be going for rides on the weekend as well! Maybe even do a little off-roading on the way to work via that shortcut, or just enjoy going out for rides and not feeling too knackered when you get home. Simply owning an e-bike makes you much more likely to be out riding it just for the fun of doing so. Talking of fun…

Is It Worth Buying an E-bike for a 10-Minute Daily Commute?

It’s Fun!

Maybe it is the joy of cruising past other cyclists, or zipping in and out of traffic or just riding along without breaking into a sweat, there is a joy to be had riding an e-bike that no car can replicate.

It Will Be Quicker

If your commute is short, but you spend a good while sitting in traffic on the same streets and roundabouts every day you could well notice just how much quicker your commute will be with an e-bike. No more waiting in traffic, those bike lanes taking you straight to your destination, that ten-minute commute could well become a 5-minute enjoyable e-bike ride!

You Will Get Exercise

The last good reason to buy an e-bike for a short commute has to be that you will get some exercise out of it. Sure, it’s not as much as a normal bike, but you will get some and even more if you start riding it more! I didn’t think I would get half as much exercise as I do, but I really do and the more I ride it, the more I appreciate it.

Well, we do hope this article has given you a few ideas about whether or not to get one for the daily commute. Even if you hire one for a short while you will soon realise the joys and indeed the benefits of owning one. But in the meanwhile, if you have any questions about e-bikes and e-biking do leave a comment and we will answer them as soon as possible.