6 E-Bike Commuting Safety Tips for Winter

6 E-Bike Commuting Safety Tips for Winter

November 28, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

When it comes to e-biking in the winter safety has to be paramount. Sure, e-bikes are a lot of fun, but in the winter you need to take extra precautions. So here are 6 pretty basic tips that will keep you safe…

1. Always wear a helmet

First things first, always wear a helmet. Yes, we know it’s a boring tip but it’s absolutely vital you always protect your head! As you are going to be riding more than usual with your new e-bike wearing proper protection on your head (correctly) is more important than ever.

2. Make sure people can see you

On top of wearing a helmet, staying visible is also extremely important. You cannot control how others drive or ride, but you can make sure you are always in sight of the driver. Whether it’s wearing something bright or adjusting your lights, make sure you turn heads.

If you are driving a night, the following are compulsory: a white front light, a red rear light, a red rear and white front reflector and amber pedal reflectors on each pedal front and back

3. Wear the correct clothing

When on your e-bike it’s important to wear visible and comfortable clothing that is light-coloured or fluorescent to help other road users see you in poor lighting. Avoid wearing dark clothes and clothes that will tangle in the chain or pedals.

4. Be considerate

When you’re commuting on your new e-bike you still have to obey traffic laws. Although you’re riding electric, you’ll still have the privilege of using cycle lanes. Don’t abuse this and take advantage of red lights though. As a rule of thumb, be considerate of all other road users and pedestrians. You must always stick to the designated lanes, you can’t get away with cycling on the pavement with an electric bike. Never carry passengers unless your bicycle is intended to do so and never cycle dangerously or carelessly.

5. Utilise mirrors

Just like you would with a car, consider utilising right-wing mirrors. The trusty over-the-shoulder check isn’t always applicable when riding, in fact in some cases on certain roads it can actually be risky and dangerous. Mirrors help you keep your focus on the road ahead and behind you without having to steer off balance. But if you don’t have them try double-checking turns and especially at junctions as a car can be upon you in seconds.

6. Don’t get distracted

With such an eye-catching new e-bike, people are going to stare. But don’t get distracted by all this new attention and let it steer your focus.

  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not ride in a careless manner and always respect other road users
  • Never hold onto a moving vehicle
  • Do not ride through red traffic lights

Keep safe, ride sensibly and if you have nay other tips do let us know in the comments below.