Five Things To Know Before Getting Into Downhill E-Biking

Five Things To Know Before Getting Into Downhill E-Biking

November 18, 2022 0 By EBUK Team

It seems there are more and more bike parts emerging every year with more exciting trials for us E-MTB riders to enjoy. With ski resorts running out of snow many of them are focusing on downhill cycle runs. Many older, as well as newer bike Parks, are flourishing and allow hundreds of newcomers to try their hand at this sport combining mastery and adrenaline, all on marked trails. But the truth is you really need to know what you are doing before you hit these downhill trials. So before you send yourself downhill quicker than a dressed monkey down a pole here are some things to think about…

1 – Equip yourself

First of all, unless you don’t want to stay whole, know that you don’t venture into a Bike Park without specific equipment. Indeed, in downhill mountain biking, the peak speeds can be high and the terrain uneven. You will need to fully protect to ensure your safety.

Knee pads and elbow pads: As their names suggest, they will protect your joints. The day you fall off your bike, if you don’t wear them, you will no longer doubt that they are needed.

A Full Helmet: Unlike Cross-country and road biking, in downhill and Enduro the downhill speed requires you to wear a full-face helmet. Indeed, although heavier and harder on your neck, it will protect, in addition to your skull, your jaw and the entire lower part of your face.

Mask: Coupled with the full-face helmet, in downhill mountain biking, the “ski mask” type mask is essential to protect your eyes from projectiles, dust and branches that can overflow on the trails.

MTB Gloves: Thicker and more resistant than road bike gloves, mountain bike gloves protect your fingers and hands. In the vast majority of accidents, they are the first to take the hits! And then it’s really handy, you can do a lot of things with it, so take care!

Sturdy Shoes: They will be a solid barrier to stones likely to be thrown at your feet if your tire pinches one.

2 – Get trained

Starting a downhill run or the Enduro alone is super risky. To get off to a good start, take a few hours of lessons with a qualified instructor. His experience will allow you to focus on the essentials. He or she will guide you in the acquisition of downhill techniques, to know how to understand the turns, adapt your position on the machine and correct your faults. In addition, he will take you to spots adapted to your level to validate all the stages of your improvement.

Five Things To Know Before Getting Into Downhill E-Biking

3 – Start Easy

If you believe that the greatest downhillers have always achieved incredible performances, beyond the reach of ordinary mortals, think again! Although part of their success was based on obvious talent, ALL started on the easier Parks layouts. This is why doing your ranges while respecting the levels of levels will make you acquire solid technical bases, essential for venturing gradually on the steepest and most technical terrain. In short, a suitable position and reasoned use of the brakes associated with optimal control of your mountain bike in turns will guide you on the path to pleasure and success!

4 – Ride in a group

Riding with a group of friends can be a good way to push yourself, challenge yourself and therefore progress in downhill e-biking. But make sure you don’t go on overly committed paths with people whose level is well above yours, at the risk of scaring you and discouraging you. For this reason, doing a course over several days is also an opportunity to meet other mountain bikers who, like you, are new to the sport. Thus, you will target the individuals with whom you will be able or not to venture into these trial parks with.

Five Things To Know Before Getting Into Downhill E-Biking

5 – Have fun

This is the quintessential reason to go downhill e-biking. Pleasure remains the basis of any sport and it alone will drive your learning. In this sense, in order to put the odds on your side, respect and listening to your body and your desires will be required. Stay humble and full of gratitude for the moments you spend on the trials and this sport will reward you a thousand times over!

You no longer have an excuse not to get started in this fabulous practice that is downhill e-biking. If you have any other questions about it do let us know in the comments below.